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Daily Weight with Buerer Infant Scale

These instructions are for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) patients as part of an infant home monitoring program. Do NOT use for pre and post weights while breastfeeding. It is not an appropriate tool to determine milk transfer.

Important information about weighing your baby at home with the Buerer® infant scale:

  • Weighing your baby at home allows your healthcare team to trend your baby's weight gain. Your baby's weight will vary throughout the day based on feeding and going to the bathroom.

  • It is important to weigh your baby in the same way and at the same time each day.

  • Your baby needs to be weighed naked and without a diaper. Clothing and diapers add weight and different clothes/diapers weigh different amounts. Try to take your baby's weight at times when your baby is already naked such as when changing the diaper or before bath time.

Instructions for weighing your baby at home with Buerer infant scale:

  1. On the underside of the scale, make sure the switch is in the middle for pounds (lb).
    Buerer Infant Scale - pounds

  2. Make sure the scale is on a hard, flat surface. It should not touch the wall or anything else.

  3. Press the "TARE" button to turn the scale on.
    Buerer Infant Scale - TARE (power)

  4. Make sure there is nothing on the scale and press "TARE" again so that the display reads all zeros.
    Buerer Infant Scale - TARE (power)
    Buerer Infant Scale - Zeros

  5. Remove all clothing and diaper. Place your naked baby on the scale. Bath time is a good time to weigh babies while undressed.
    Buerer Infant Scale - Baby on Scale

  6. Hold any additional tubing attached to your baby off the scale. When the baby is calm, press the hold button. Do not leave your baby alone on the scale.
    Buerer Infant Scale - Hold

  7. Write this number down. Please include the date for each weight. Remember: The weight will show up in pounds only not ounces.
    Buerer Infant Scale - Full Weight

  8. Keep a record of the weights. Enter them when requested in the monitoring platform.

Call your CHOP team with any questions or concerns.

Reviewed on December 1, 2023, by Jennifer Davis, MSN, RN, CBC

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