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Ear Pit: How to Care for Your Child

An ear pit is a small opening in front of the ear. It looks like a tiny hole in the skin. This hole connects to a sinus tract (small passageway) under the skin. The ear pit develops when a baby is still forming in the womb. Babies may be born with ear pits in one or both ears. Ear pits rarely cause problems.

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  • Wash the ear pit area with soap and water as part of a regular bathing routine.

  • Make sure you and your child don't pick at or squeeze the ear pit.

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Your child's ear pit:

  • gets sore

  • gets red or swollen

  • has pus draining from it

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Do ear pits need treatment? Ear pits don't need treatment unless they get infected. Rarely, germs get trapped in the ear pit, causing swelling and infection. Health care providers usually treat an infected ear pit with antibiotics. If the ear pit gets infected often, the child may need surgery to remove it.

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