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How to Use a CAM Walker

A CAM (controlled ankle motion) walker is a boot that keeps the foot and ankle from moving so they can heal. Help your child use it correctly to get better as quickly as possible.

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  • Help your child wear the boot as directed by the health care provider. Some kids can remove the boot when bathing and dressing. Other kids need to wear the boot all the time.

  • Remind your child not to walk on the hurt foot when the boot is off unless the health care provider said it's OK. 

  • Follow the directions for taking the boot off and putting it back on: 

    • Check that the heel fits snugly in the back of the boot. 

    • Check that the toes do not hang over the front edge of the boot.

  • If the boot feels too tight, adjust the straps. DO NOT bend or adjust the frame.

  • To clean the boot:

    • Wipe the frame with a soft cloth and gentle soap if needed. Let air dry.

    • Hand wash the liner with mild soap and water. Let air dry. Do not put the liner in a washing machine or clothes dryer.

  • Encourage your child to wiggle the toes to keep blood circulating normally.

  • If your child has crutches, make sure to follow the instructions given and use them safely. 

Teens should not drive if the injured foot is needed to operate the pedals.

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  • The frame or liner gets damaged. 

  • The skin under the boot is rubbed or raw.

  • Your child's pain isn't relieved by pain medicine.

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  • Your child's foot or toes become numb, pale, or blue.

  • Your child shows signs of infection, such as fever or a red or hot ankle.

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What is a CAM walker? A CAM walker is a hard boot-shaped splint (it's also called a walking boot, 3D walker, or Bledsoe boot). It keeps the ankle and foot in place so they can heal after a sprain, fracture, or surgery. A CAM walker has an inner layer of padding and an outer frame of hard plastic or metal.

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